LIS Nepal is a service centric Information Technology firm that was established in 2014. With a specialization in the retail Industry and armed with a strong team of experienced professionals, LIS lays its expertise in areas such as Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehousing, and Data Analytics.

LIS Nepal is one of the member companies of Yomari group and is one of the offshore development centers for the global IT giant Logic Information Systems.


Our Services

LIS Nepal provides a wide range of services especially focused towards retail and consumer-facing brands. With a team size of 120+adept professionals, LIS Nepal constantly strives to deliver end-to end solutions in areas such as data integration, data warehousing and business intelligence

Retail Data Warehouse

LIS Nepal extends its services to various organizations ranging from mid-sized regional retailers to global leaders in the retail industry. With over 25 years of experience in planning, implementing, developing, deploying, and supporting Retail Data warehouse, Oracle Retail Analytics, and Big Data Solution, our company has been well polished to provide end -to-end solutions to clients to transform the economics of their business.

Analytics and BI Reporting

Our team at LIS Nepal constantly strives to provide our clients with analytical reports that help them understand their business better and make strategic , well informed decisions for their future. 

We offer expert professional proficiency, packaged and tailored services, as well as reporting and dashboarding knowledge to help retailers get the best trajectory of their business.

POS System

LIS Nepal has an old hand in the implementation and customization of Oracle POS applications like Xstore, Locate, and Relate. Xstore is an application that helps the retailer process transactions quickly and address customer queries efficiently. This application also provides personalized offers to customers based on their purchase history. 

Locate is an application from which retailers can view their inventory across all sales channels. Relate is another application that unifies marketing planning and management  by providing retail specific, customer relationship marketing (CRM) solutions.


LIS Nepal provides expert consulting services to large and mid-sized retailers from across the globe. Be it a long-term project or an immediate one, our team at LIS Nepal works persistently to add value to the clients business.

Our consultants are stationed across the globe to provide an interactive process of analyzing and exploring structured data to determine trends and patterns which will further enable their clients  to make informed predictive decisions to positively impact their current and future business.

Software Solutions

We at LIS Nepal have an impressive pool of qualified and competent developers who are experts in various technologies and frameworks and are technically equipped to provide custom designed software to our clients. Here are some of the areas where we have proved our expertise in : 

  • Web-based application design and development
  • Legacy application re-engineering
  • Application conversion & migration
  • Application customization / feature enhancement
  • Business process automation software
  • Supply, delivery of IT hardware and other third party software supply & support
  • IT support & maintenance solutions
  • Mobile Application development

Enterprise Solutions

With a special focus on customer satisfaction, our team at LIS Nepal is persistent  in understanding not only the requirements of a business but also understanding their key performance indicators in order to provide accurate enterprise solutions.  Our Knowledge partners and our team work together to build these solutions with a close association with the clients. The ERP team at LIS is always keen on understanding the needs of the customers and are aggressively determined  in providing only the best to them as we strongly believe that  “Delivery is not a milestone for us, customer satisfaction is.”

Our Clients